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Cyber Risk Exposure Check:
Better understand your cyber risk & the companies you do business with.

Gain full and ongoing insight into your business network:
Understand all your assets and the potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities that may threaten your organisation’s security.

Gain immediate Insight Into The Cyber Security Posture Of Your Organisation, Clients, Or Vendors.

Comprehensive security checks are conducted across more than 100 assertions, categorized into four key security areas:

Domain, Email, Application, and Network.

Each area encompasses several detailed assertion checks that thoroughly analyze specific elements in your environment.

Our report provides the status of each check and an overall cyber rating score, enabling you to gauge the severity of any potential risks.

Stygian_Cyber_Security - Digital Risk Check
Stygian_Cyber_Security - Digital Risk Check
Features Include


Combat Phishing and Secure Your IT Infrastructure for Customer Confidence. In the crowded online world, your domain is a crucial part of your brand’s identity. Lacking a robust domain security strategy can lead to risks like domain thefts, hijacking, and spoofing of domains or DNS.


Safeguard Your Email Servers' Integrity and Authenticity. Issues like sent emails going missing or landing in spam folders can strain business relationships. Furthermore, the risk of email spoofing, where fraudulent emails appear to be from legitimate senders, poses a significant email security challenge.


Counter Risks and Fortify Your Application Layer. Applications, especially when integrated into complex networks and connected to the cloud, face heightened risks of data theft and cyberattacks. These risks are amplified by the potential for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in applications, targeting sensitive information such as credit card numbers or banking details.


Uphold Robust Security Measures for Network Data Protection. Network cyber-attacks can halt an organization’s operations. Vulnerabilities in network security, whether from human errors, ransomware, or viruses, can severely impact your networks and transactions. Enhancing data transmission security through advanced encryption algorithms can significantly protect customer data.

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Cybersecurity Risk Exposure Report

Comprehensive security checks conducted across 100+ assertions, categorised into four key security areas: Domain, Email, Application, and Network.
£ 49
Per Report
  • 1 Domain
  • 5,000 Pages Crawled For Malware and Defacement
  • 100+ Checks
  • 24x7 Support: Email, Chat, and Community.
  • Report Sent By Email

Or Choose From Our Packages Below And Subscribe To Monitor Your Cyber Risks Today


100+ cybersecurity checks for 1 domain, up to 5,000 pages scanned, with flexible scheduling and 24/7 support.
£ 529
1-Year Subscription
  • 1 Domain
  • 5,000 Pages Crawled For Malware and Defacement
  • 100+ Checks
  • Frequency: Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, or Monthly
  • 24x7 Support: Email, Chat, and Community.
  • Email After Every Scan
  • Scan Report History
  • Additional Domains £20 each


Comprehensive security for 10 domains with 10,000-page scans, 100+ checks, daily to monthly scans, and full-time support.
£ 7,549
1-Year Subscription
  • 10 Domains
  • 10,000 Pages Crawled For Malware and Defacement
  • 100+ Checks
  • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, or Monthly
  • 24x7 Support: Phone, Email, Chat, and Community.
  • On-Demand Scans
  • Email After Every Scan
  • Scan Report History
  • Custom Report Cover Pages
  • Additional Domains £20 each
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Elevate Your Monitoring Experience

Discover unparalleled performance and security monitoring with our advanced features, designed to offer you a seamless and comprehensive monitoring experience.

Comprehensive Service Suite

From website and server monitoring to cloud cost management, we offer a full range of services to meet all your IT needs.

AI-Powered Monitoring

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to get precise, predictive insights into your website's performance, ensuring optimal uptime.

24/7 Global Coverage

With monitoring locations in over 120 countries, we offer a truly global service that keeps an eye on your digital assets around the clock.

Secure and Reliable

Your data's security is our top priority. Our robust security protocols ensure that your information is protected at all times.

Real-Time Alerting

Stay ahead of issues with instant alerts delivered via multiple channels including email, SMS, voice calls, and push notifications, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Customisable Dashboards & Reports

Design bespoke reports and dashboards that focus on key performance indicators, providing you with actionable insights for optimal VDI performance.

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