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Submission Guidelines: Your Roadmap to Getting Published

Are you passionate about cybersecurity and wish to share your insights with a wider audience? We invite you to contribute as a guest blogger for Stygian Cyber Security. On this page, you’ll find our submission guidelines and a link to our article submission form. We’re looking for thought-provoking, informative pieces that resonate with our readers and add value to the cybersecurity conversation. Join us in making the digital world a safer place.
  1. Article Originality & Quality: Submit original, human-written content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. It should pass the Copyscape Premium Plagiarism Detector test. Promotional articles are not acceptable.

  2. Content Relevance: Make sure your article aligns with our site’s focus and does not pertain to any illegal or unethical topics.

  3. Article Title: Craft engaging and SEO-friendly titles within a 60-character limit.

  4. Article Length: Aim for a minimum of 750 words, although we prefer in-depth posts of 1,000 to 3,000 words. For infographics, include at least 700 words of content.

  5. Article Submission Format: Please submit your articles as links to editable Word documents (.DOC or .DOCX) via OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Ensure you’ve thoroughly edited your piece prior to sending it.
  6. Links & Citations: You may include one or more relevant external links within the article body. However, our team reserves the right to review and potentially remove these links. All links generally appear with a No-Follow tag.

  7. Imagery: Attach a minimum of two images related to your content. If you can’t provide images, give us a description, and we’ll try to source them for you.

  8. Keyword Density: Include the Keyword Density (KD) and search volume for the primary keyword you’re targeting.

  9. Author Information: Alongside your article, submit your “Author Name” (max 25 characters), a “Short Author Bio” (max 50 words), and your “Author’s Website URL”. This URL will appear as a No-Follow link.

  10. Social Media Links: Optionally, include links to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

  11. Publication Fees: We neither pay for guest posts nor charge for publishing them.

  12. Editorial Standards: We uphold high editorial standards, which means we can be selective. Make sure your headlines are compelling, following the best practices.

  13. Review Time: It takes about 15 working days to process and publish articles, so patience is essential.

  14. Post-Publication Rules: Once published on our site, the article cannot be reposted elsewhere. If we disapprove, you’re free to publish it on another platform.

Please make sure to read and adhere to these updated guidelines before submitting your article. If you find any guideline unagreeable, kindly refrain from submitting your article.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog!

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