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Fragmented Monitoring Tools

Businesses often struggle with disparate monitoring systems that silo information, complicate processes, and increase overheads.

Stygian’s All-in-One Monitoring Solution offers a comprehensive suite, including website, server, cloud, and network monitoring, to centralize and simplify IT operations. This consolidation enhances efficiency and reduces the complexity of managing multiple tools.


Inefficient Resource Utilisation

Using multiple monitoring tools can lead to inefficient use of IT resources, with increased costs and operational inefficiency.

Our integrated monitoring tools provide insights across your entire IT infrastructure from a single dashboard, improving resource allocation, and reducing costs.

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Limited Visibility Across IT Infrastructure

Limited visibility into the full stack of IT infrastructure can hinder performance and troubleshooting efforts.

With features like APM Insight and Real User Monitoring (RUM), Stygian offers deep visibility into application performance and user experience, enabling proactive issue resolution and performance optimisation.


Difficulty in Managing Security and Compliance

Ensuring security and compliance becomes more complex with fragmented monitoring solutions.

Our solution includes Log Management and Plugin Integrations that support security analysis and compliance reporting, ensuring your infrastructure remains secure and compliant.

Recent Results from Stygian Clients

ROI within 12 months of Solution Subscription
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UK Government Arms Lenght Body

Reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR)
0 %

National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust

Cost Saving From Tools Consolidation
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UK High Street Bank

Why Choose Stygian Cyber Security?

Comprehensive Coverage

From website uptime to cloud resource insights and network health, our solution covers all bases.

Customisable Solutions

Tailor your monitoring with our Plugin Integrations and APM Insight to fit your unique needs.

Training and Certification

Enhance your team's cyber awareness and achieve essential certifications with our dedicated programs.

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