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How Stygian’s SOC-As-A-Service Acts As Your Digital Shield

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Stygian Cyber Security’s SOC-As-A-Service provides continuous monitoring, expert cybersecurity support, and cost-effective solutions to protect your digital assets. With the rise in cyber threats and the high cost of data breaches, our SOC-As-A-Service is an essential investment for businesses looking to enhance their security posture and ensure regulatory compliance.

Helping You Navigate Your Digital Terrain Safely.

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Stygian’s SOC-As-A-Service

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of robust cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Stygian Cyber Security recognises this imperative need and offers a cutting-edge solution: Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service. This managed security solution is designed to fortify your security posture, providing comprehensive 24/7 monitoring, rapid threat detection, and agile response mechanisms to protect your digital assets.

The Strategic Advantage of Stygian’s SOC-As-A-Service

Round-the-Clock Vigilance

Our SOC-As-A-Service ensures 24/7 monitoring of your systems, identifying and alerting on threats in real-time. This constant vigilance is crucial in a landscape where cyber threats never sleep.

Expertise at Your Disposal

The team at Stygian comprises seasoned cybersecurity professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in protecting systems effectively against a myriad of cyber threats.

Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

For small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing your SOC function to Stygian is a more affordable option than maintaining an in-house team. This approach provides high-level security without the substantial overheads.

Rapid and Efficient Response

Our rapid response to alerts helps to minimise potential damage and system downtime, crucial for maintaining business continuity.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Stygian’s SOC-As-A-Service assists in ensuring that your business meets various cybersecurity compliance requirements, an essential aspect in today’s regulated digital world.

Utilising the Latest Technology

At Stygian, we employ state-of-the-art tools and technologies for threat detection and mitigation, ensuring your business stays ahead of potential cyber risks.

Detailed Incident Reporting

We provide comprehensive reports on all incidents, allowing your business to learn and evolve its cybersecurity strategies effectively.

Peace of Mind

Outsourcing your SOC to Stygian means you can focus on your core business activities, knowing that your cybersecurity is in expert hands.

Scalable to Your Needs

As your business grows, our services can be scaled to meet your evolving cybersecurity requirements, ensuring seamless protection at all stages of your business growth.

A Proactive Approach

Our SOC-As-A-Service doesn’t just react to incidents – we proactively hunt for threats and vulnerabilities to prevent incidents before they occur.

The Economic Impact of Cybersecurity

In light of the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, it’s clear that investing in cybersecurity is more critical than ever. With the global average cost of a data breach at USD 4.45 million and a 15% increase over three years, the financial implications are significant. Furthermore, 51% of organizations are increasing their security investments post-breach, underscoring the need for robust cybersecurity measures like SOC-As-A-Service. Notably, organizations using security AI and automation extensively have seen an average saving of USD 1.76 million compared to those that don’t.


Investing in Stygian’s SOC-As-A-Service is not just a security measure; it’s a strategic decision that can save millions and safeguard your business’s future. Embrace peace of mind and fortified security with Stygian.

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