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Supply Chain: The NCSC Game Changing Cybersecurity Training

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Explore how the National Cyber Security Centre's newly launched cyber security training packages are reshaping supply chain risk management, and learn how Stygian's cutting-edge solutions can further enhance your organization's cyber security posture. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and tools to confidently navigate the cybersecurity landscape.

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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has recently released two new e-learning packages designed to enhance supply chain cybersecurity1. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, understanding and managing risks in the supply chain have become essential. Stygian Cyber Security, a leader in cybersecurity, fully supports this initiative and offers tailored services to ensure your organisation’s cybersecurity needs are met.

Unpacking NCSC’s New E-Learning Packages

The first package, “Mapping Your Supply Chain,” guides organisations through the process of gathering and utilising information from suppliers, including why this is critical and the benefits it offers1. Additionally, it offers insights into the role of subcontractors and what this implies for contract negotiations.

The second package, “Gaining Confidence in Your Supply Chain,” provides practical steps for organisations to assess their supply chains’ cybersecurity1. It outlines typical supplier relationships and how these can expose organisations to vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. The training also answers commonly encountered questions, helping organisations navigate the complexities of supply chain cybersecurity.

These free-to-use packages aim to address the alarming statistics presented in the DSIT 2023 Security Breaches Survey1. The survey showed that a mere 13% of businesses review the risks posed by their immediate suppliers, and only 7% consider the wider supply chain. With cyber attacks potentially causing significant, costly, and long-term damage, these figures highlight an urgent need for increased focus on supply chain cybersecurity.

How Stygian Can Secure Your Supply Chain

At Stygian, we applaud the NCSC’s efforts to bolster knowledge and resources for managing supply chain cybersecurity risks. We firmly believe in empowering businesses with robust cybersecurity solutions that encompass every aspect of their operations, including supply chains.

We offer cybersecurity consulting services to aid organisations in understanding and implementing the guidelines provided by the NCSC’s e-learning packages. Our team of cybersecurity experts can assist with mapping and assessing your supply chain, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and formulating a comprehensive and tailored cybersecurity strategy.

Beyond this, Stygian offers ongoing support, ensuring your cybersecurity measures evolve as your business and potential threats do. Together, we can strengthen your supply chain’s security and contribute to a safer, more secure digital environment for all.

In the face of increasing cybersecurity threats, understanding and managing supply chain risks are more crucial than ever. Utilise the NCSC’s new e-learning packages and reach out to Stygian to secure your organisation’s digital landscape today.

Stygian Cyber Security can help you secure your organisation against threats, ensure compliance and provide you with peace of mind with our range of cyber security solutions.

We’re a friendly and knowledgeable team, so have a browse or give us a call –we’re ready when you are.

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