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Stygian Cyber Security's Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution is a comprehensive tool for monitoring the real-world performance of web and mobile applications. With features including detailed front-end performance analysis, support for Single Page Applications, custom data collection, integrated performance management, global performance visualisation, and AI-powered anomaly detection, our RUM tool empowers businesses to proactively optimise user experience and application efficiency.

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Optimise Digital Experience with Real User Monitoring (RUM)

In the realm of web and mobile app development, understanding how your application performs from a user’s perspective is pivotal. Real User Monitoring (RUM), offered by Stygian Cyber Security, provides real-time insights into your applications’ front-end performance, ensuring you can optimise user satisfaction efficiently.

Key Features of Stygian’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) Solution

Comprehensive Front-End Analysis

Our RUM solution offers a detailed view of your application’s front-end performance. Key metrics such as network latency, server response times, and page load times are closely monitored, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for optimisation.

Monitoring for Single Page Applications

Modern client-based MVC frameworks like Angular, React, and Ember are fully supported. Our tool enables you to track the response time and throughput of each AJAX call, crucial for fine-tuning your application’s performance.

Custom Data Collection for Enhanced Insights

Move beyond standard metrics by capturing custom data, including usernames and environment variables. This data is invaluable for real-time product analysis and improving user experience.

Integrated Performance Management

Integrate RUM with our Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Insight for a unified view of both front-end and back-end performance. This correlation provides a comprehensive picture of user interactions and application health.

Global Performance Visualisation

Our tool visualises your application’s performance across different geographies. This global perspective is essential for businesses aiming to provide an optimised experience to a worldwide audience.

AI-Powered Anomaly Detection

Stay ahead of potential issues with AI-driven alerts. Our system notifies you of abnormal behaviour, enabling proactive troubleshooting to prevent user impact.


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