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Optimise Cloud Health: AWS, Azure, GCP Monitoring


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Stygian Cyber Security offers a robust cloud monitoring solution that integrates with AWS, Azure, and GCP, providing businesses with the tools necessary for effective cloud management. Features include unified AWS, Azure, and GCP monitoring, hybrid environment oversight, cloud-based log management, and comprehensive root cause analysis. Our AI-driven insights and IT automation make cloud management both efficient and proactive, ensuring the smooth operation of your digital infrastructure.

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Mastering Cloud Monitoring: AWS, Azure, GCP

In today’s tech-driven era, cloud monitoring is indispensable for businesses. Stygian Cyber Security’s comprehensive cloud monitoring tool is engineered to manage the health, performance, and security of cloud services and applications, seamlessly integrating with major platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Powered by AI-driven insights and IT automation, our solution elevates cloud management to new heights of efficiency and proactivity.

Key Features of Stygian Cyber Security’s Cloud Monitoring Tool

Unified AWS Infrastructure Monitoring

Our tool provides a centralized dashboard for AWS services, including EC2, S3, and Lambda. Employ AI-powered analytics to detect security threats and optimize your AWS environment. Our recommendations are aligned with best practices, ensuring your AWS infrastructure is both robust and efficient.

Comprehensive Azure Services Monitoring

Azure services require meticulous monitoring to ensure seamless performance. Our tool tracks both IaaS and PaaS elements like virtual machines and SQL databases. With Azure VM extensions, get in-depth system-level metrics for all your Windows and Linux VMs.

Real-Time Google Cloud Platform Monitoring

As your operations grow, so does the complexity of your GCP services. Our monitoring solution encompasses Google Compute Engine, App Engine, and Kubernetes Engine, offering a complete overview of your GCP infrastructure from a single console.

Hybrid Environment Oversight

Many businesses today operate within a hybrid IT environment. Our tool caters to this diversity, providing a unified view for monitoring your entire IT infrastructure, encompassing cloud services from AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premise solutions.

Advanced Cloud-Based Log Management

Efficient log management is vital in a cloud-based infrastructure. Our tool simplifies this process, enabling you to collect and analyse logs from cloud and on-premise sources without the need to switch between multiple systems.

Root Cause Analysis

Receive detailed outage reports, including analyses of Ping, DNS resolution, and traceroute, to quickly identify and address the root causes of any performance issues.


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