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Stygian Cyber Security's Status Pages are a vital tool for businesses to provide real-time updates on system outages and maintenance. Designed to reduce user frustration and support desk calls, these pages offer customisation options, seamless website integration, scheduled maintenance notifications, and real-time alerts. Post-incident reports and role-specific benefits further enhance the value of this tool, making it an essential asset for any business focused on maintaining transparency and user satisfaction.

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Enhance User Trust with Real-Time Status Pages

In our digitally driven world, immediate access to information is not just expected; it’s essential. Stygian Cyber Security recognises this need and offers Status Pages, a dynamic solution for businesses of all sizes to provide real-time updates on incidents and maintenance. Our status pages are designed to minimise downtime impact and maintain user trust during critical periods.

Keeping Users Informed and Satisfied

At Stygian Cyber Security, we understand the importance of maintaining transparent communication with your users. Our Status Pages are an integral tool for businesses seeking to streamline user experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

Minimising User Frustration

During system outages or maintenance periods, user frustration can escalate quickly. Our status pages serve as a central, reliable source of information, keeping users updated and reducing potential frustration.

Reducing Support Desk Overload

Effective communication via our status pages can significantly lower the volume of support desk inquiries. This proactive approach keeps your customers informed and allows your support team to focus on resolving issues efficiently.

Seamless Status Widget Integration

Our status widgets can be easily integrated into your website. Whether in the header, footer, or as a floating widget, these integrations ensure constant visibility of important updates.

Customisation to Fit Your Brand

Tailor your status page to reflect your brand’s identity. Customise with your colours, logos, and domain, making the status page a seamless part of your digital presence.

Planned Maintenance Notifications

Plan and communicate upcoming maintenance effectively. Our system facilitates both one-time and recurring maintenance schedules, with automated updates and notifications to users.

Real-Time Notifications for Users

Keep your users updated without needing them to constantly check the status page. We offer real-time updates via email, SMS, or RSS feeds, with options for users to opt-in for notifications relevant to them.

Detailed Post-Incident Reporting

Building trust post-incident is crucial. Our post-incident reports provide detailed analyses of incidents, the solutions implemented, and future preventive measures in a user-friendly format.

Role-Specific Advantages

Our status pages offer specific benefits across various roles within your organisation, from marketing to support and operations, making incident management a collaborative effort.


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