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CloudSpend: How To Simplify Your AWS, GCP and Azure Costs


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CloudSpend by Stygian Cyber Security is an innovative solution for managing and optimising cloud costs on AWS and Azure. Offering transparent pricing, multi-cloud support, granular reports, multi-currency transactions, and significant cost reduction metrics, CloudSpend is designed for businesses seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly cloud cost management tool. With customised analysis and insightful reporting, it transforms the complex task of cloud spending into a manageable and cost-effective process.

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Master Cloud Cost Monitoring with CloudSpend

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, effective management of cloud expenses is crucial. Stygian Cyber Security proudly presents CloudSpend, your ultimate solution for monitoring and optimising AWS and Azure cloud costs at each resource level. This tool is not just about cost tracking; it’s about gaining actionable insights and setting practical budget guardrails.

Navigate Cloud Spending with Ease and Precision

Cloud Cost Management with CloudSpend transforms the complex world of cloud spending into a transparent and manageable journey.

Transparent Pricing

With CloudSpend, hidden charges are a thing of the past. Our transparent pricing model provides clarity on your expenditures, fostering better financial decisions.

Multi-Cloud Support

Embrace the freedom of choice with our multi-cloud support feature. Whether you are on AWS, Azure, or other platforms, CloudSpend efficiently manages costs across various services.

Granular Reporting

Gain an in-depth understanding of your cloud spending with our detailed reports. Breakdowns by service, region, and account offer a comprehensive view, ensuring you know where every penny goes.

Multi-Currency Transactions

CloudSpend’s multi-currency feature simplifies international cloud cost management. Transact in various currencies without the usual hassles.

Cost Reduction Metrics

Our solution isn’t just about monitoring; it’s about reducing costs. With actionable insights, expect to see up to a 33% reduction in costs and a 60% decrease in time spent on tracking bills.

User-Friendly Onboarding

Getting started with CloudSpend is effortless. Our streamlined onboarding process is designed for quick and easy setup, so you can dive into managing your cloud expenses right away.

Customised Analysis

Tailor your cost analysis with customised date ranges and tags. Our solution offers both auto-generated and user-defined tags for in-depth evaluation of your cloud spend.

Insightful Reporting

CloudSpend’s easy reporting tools provide actionable insights, budget management, and alerting systems for budget breaches, making it simpler to control your cloud finances.



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